B  a  r  b  a  r  a   is a university grad who studied fine art at UMASS/Dartmouth and Rhode Island School of Design. She is an award-winning painter whose work has been exhibited and part of collections in both the United States and internationally. While devoting most of her time to painting, she also teaches oil painting on a selective basis. 

"While I did go to university for art, I'm an entirely self-taught painter. At the time (I put myself through university on my own), I couldn't afford to take the painting classes, the supplies and materials alone were quite expensive and luxuries I couldn't afford. After university, I struggled through and learned painting on my own. It's been a long road, but well worth the effort." 


"Every day everywhere photojournalists capture images that tear our hearts out: images depicting extreme poverty, starvation, natural disasters, hatred, bigotry, political upheavals, and war...there's no escaping and it, and, oftentimes, there is little if anything most can do about it. But to a very large degree, life is what you make it - what you choose to live with and hold most dear. It's how folks emotionally survived the horrors of the prison camps at places such as Auchwitz. I choose to live in and with beauty and light. If I find none, I create it; if I am unable to create it physically, I create it in my mind...very much like Viktor Frankel wrote of.

"There's enough toxicity in the world - a dark side that causes many people, myself included, to become depressed over things for which we have no control. Just tune in to the nightly news for a steady dose. Since I have a choice - and most of us do - I strive to create works of art that are awash in vibrant and beautiful fields of color, that lift the spirits and cause people to smile, happy to be alive in this place and this time, art that they're happy to come home to on their walls. Beauty matters."

"Painters whose artworks are of particular influence in my painting include Cezzanne, Sargent, Vuillard, Matisse, Wyeth, and Gaugin, to name just a few. It's difficult - there are sooo many." BCG